10 Delightful Things That Make Christmas More Special

10 Delightful Things That Make Christmas More Special

Xmas is just round the corner and preparations are in full swing! As the city gears up for a merry and charming Christmas, here we remember some of the most delightful things about Xmas to get you more excited!

Decor: The city of joy shines brighter during Christmas time. All the streets and hangouts are dressed up in cute knick-knacks and mesmeric lights. Wherever you go, attractive Christmas decor warms your heart and brings a smile on your lips. Even decorating a Christmas tree at home with junk ornaments is an extremely pleasurable activity that can perk up your entire day!

Hot Chocolate: What can be more satisfying than the kick of chocolate in a warm beverage on a chilly winter afternoon? Christmas day becomes all the more glorious when you can have steaming cups of hot chocolate alone, or with loved ones. And this delicious drink can be made at home in no time! Just sit back, sip and lick!!

Christmas Parties: Christmas is synonymous with parties. The party scene in Kolkata gets hotter during Xmas and something new and interesting happens daily! All we need is a good excuse to hit a new event, have a gala time and spread the joy!

Treats: Its Christmas! You mustn’t feel guilty about asking for that extra layer of cheese on your pizza, or an extra scoop of cream on your sundae, or an extra serving of delicious Christmas desserts…after all, sumptuous Christmas meals are everything we look forward to the entire year!

Music: It’s amazing how Christmas carols we learnt as children sound so sweet and soothing to our ears even now! During Christmastime when the tunes of Silent Night, Jingle Bells and Merry Christmas come floating, it definitely transports us to a wonderland…

Christmas Sales: Good discounts on cosy, charming woollens, those trendy leather jackets that glam up our look instantly, and all the stunning party outfits we so need this season– is happiness of the highest level!

Santa: Saint Nicholas is a favourite with children. They eagerly wait for surprise presents from their adored, red-robed, white-haired, plump and jolly Santa Claus! Though secretly, don’t adults wish to receive gifts from him too? The image of this legendary figure riding on his reindeer-drawn sleigh on pristine, white snow never fails to fill us with excitement!

Christmas Movies: The feel-good factor of Christmas movies enhances the festive mood all around!This is the ideal time to dig up old favourites and enjoy them curled up in your couch with a bowl of popcorn.

Holiday Cheer: If only we were lucky enough to get Christmas holidays all our lives…however, the lack of a Christmas vacation can’t dampen our spirits. This festival is such that it always manages to add bounciness to our steps, make us smile more and just increase the overall happiness!

Time with Loved Ones: Christmas is the perfect time to remember how grateful we are for our loving, supporting family. It is a time to plan vacations and create beautiful memories with our loved ones.

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