3 Awesome Upcoming Events in Kolkata You Don’t Want to Miss!

3 Awesome Upcoming Events in Kolkata You Don’t Want to Miss!

It is always a pleasure when the place you’re visiting has ample options for sightseeing, shopping, gorging on delicious food and getting more intimate with the culture. Kolkata, the most well-known city in Eastern India, is popularly called the ‘cultural capital of India’. Healthy nurturing of cultural content is a key part of Bengali lifestyle. From hosting literary meets and book fairs, to organizing exhibitions promoting works of indigenous as well as blue chip artists from a variety of sectors – Kolkata knows how to keep up its reputation of being an artistic and intellectual powerhouse!

Thus, tourists visiting the city of joy in January and February who want a taste of the Bengali way of life are truly lucky, because they can be part of some of the most awaited events of the year! Below are listed 3 great fairs and events worth exploring in the coming weeks.

The Haat

The Haat is a premier event which brings together products, items and creations from different corners of India onto a single platform. The main categories focused on are fashion and lifestyle. This fair can easily transport shoppers to cloud nine as there’s both variety and value in the products offered. From an assortment of apparels, fabrics and sarees, to unique ornaments, to modern home furnishing options – it’s hard to not find what you’ve been looking for, or fancy new things you see!

Dates: 31st Jan – 4th Feb

Venue: Ice Skating Rink, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata

Timing: 11: 00 A.M. – 08:00 P.M.

Historic Walking Trails

In the older parts of Kolkata, there’s an ancient and intriguing story associated with every neighborhood. Walking trails headed by knowledgeable guides is a great way to appreciate the prosperous history fueling this city. Following a two interesting walking trails early risers must take part in:

  • Pilgrim’s Trail: Chitpore Road WalkMention of Chitpore road is found in several Bengali poems from 17th century where pilgrims bound to Kalighat temple referred to it as the highway road. This area is older than the city itself and has witnessed a mountain of exciting historical events. Participants get to explore this ancient locality in depth, which has acquired several feathers on its cap! For example, it is home to the city’s oldest temples and the house where the East Bengal Club was founded. The trail ends with a hearty enjoyment of tasty rasgollas at Chittaranjan!

Date and time: 19th Jan 7:30 – 10 a.m.

  • Metiabruz Trails – A lost legacy: This walking trail takes us through a hidden heritage zone in Kolkata. Participants get to experience the poignant story of the last Nawabs of Awadh, while being mesmerized by the grand mosques, imambaras and the royal Awadhi cuisine. The near-forgotten legacy of Awadh kingdom is deeply connected to the history of Calcutta – don’t miss the chance to explore it!

Date and time: 20th Jan 8:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Open Air Hangout 2019

To enjoy a gala time filled with great fashion, runway shows, music and food, make it to this special entertainment event being organized in Kolkata. This unique fair combines the experience of a food festival with a flea market. Come prepared to be awestruck by the sophistication of high fashion and art, while you please your tummy with delicious food from top restaurants across the city. You’re sure to find awesome buys, promotional items and great draw prizes!

Venue: PC Chandra Gardens

Dates: 23rd and 24th Feb

Where to stay in Kolkata?

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