3 Unmissable Spots to Capture the Essence of Central Kolkata

Kolkata, the city with a ‘feel good’ vibe, is famous for its unique blend of the old and the new. Known as the cultural capital of India; Kolkata is a metro city where traditions and heritage are enveloped by modernity and freshness. Some localities look like pictures straight out of history books, while other places offer all that the contemporary generation looks for.

To experience the true essence of this city, central Kolkata has got to be a part of your itinerary. In fact, considering all the major places to visit are located in and around this area, staying in a budget hotel in central Kolkata is a smart choice. Hotel VIP International in Kolkata, a three star hotel near Park Street, promises to make your stay memorable through impeccable service and highly modern facilities.

Now, let’s move on to the places that are walking distance from hotels in Park Street, but are famous for causing lasting impacts!

Victoria Memorial

Structured with pristine white marbles sourced from Rajasthan, designed by Victorian master architects and decorated with relics representing the history of the country, every part of this white monument shouts out the complex, magical yet heartbreaking stories from the time of British Raj. And the reason behind the construction of this awe-strikingly beautiful piece-of-art? To celebrate 25 years of dominance by Queen Victoria in her most precious colony- India.

Does the thought of Tipu Sultan’s dagger, rare and political books dating back to 1870 and ammunitions used in the glorious battle of Plassey transport your mind to a different era? Then Victoria Memorial is an ideal spot to trot around and reminisce the enigmatic old times.

Birla Planetarium

From S.N. Bose to Amitabha Ghosh, Bengal and science have a long and robust relationship. Hence, it is very becoming that Kolkata houses the second biggest planetarium in the world and the largest one in Asia. It is one of the best places to experience the wonders of science, especially space science. It has numerous daily shows that allow audiences a glimpse of some fascinating astrophysical phenomena. A walk through the astronomy gallery teeming with celestial models and drawings by renowned astronomers can strike the chords of curiosity even within the non-science persons. To have even more fun with science, take part in the interesting projects that are organized here to bust some common myths about celestial bodies.

Park Street

The entertainment hub of Kolkata has the same identity ever since the time of the British, which is the glamorous Park Street area. Every street in the heart of Kolkata is lined with famous dining places, popular lounges and eateries. Peter Cat, Moulin Rouge and Mocambo are some iconic restaurants that are always swarming with enthusiastic foodies. The décor of these places might have undergone numerous renovations, but the classiness of old times is still intact. And the food there? Well, it simply delicious, and leaves a lingering feeling, just like all other things in the city of joy.


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