3 Very Intriguing Things about Kolkata Even Locals Might Not Know

3 Very Intriguing Things about Kolkata Even Locals Might Not Know

Eager explorers travelling to different parts of India will find abundant beauty to please their heart and minds in every place, yet the feeling isn’t comparable to the unique and utterly wonderful experience of visiting the city of joy! Discovering the city might feel like you’re going through a time warp – though a metropolitan with modern people, conveniences and outlook, it can never let go of its ancient magic. Here trams crawl amidst pacing cars and crumbling British buildings survive beside multistory complexes.

The charm and joy felt in this city by first time travelers is irreplaceable. If you’re visiting Kolkata any time soon, knowing these distinctive features will make the trip all the more memorable.

Father of Roshogolla: No matter which part of the country you’re from, your ears have definitely been filled with the brilliance of Bengali roshogollas! Supple, delicious and totally lovable – this traditional sweet owes its popularity to a man named Sir Nobin Chandra Das, who is also called the ‘’Father of Roshogolla’’. One day, a wealthy merchant came to his shop looking for water. Along with water, he offered the merchant his distinguishing roshogollas. The man appreciated it so much that he took back heaps of the sweet delicacy for his entire family. Soon word spread and his roshogollas became a hit throughout the city!

By chance if you’re crossing Shobhabazar, do stop by the legendary shop, Nobin Chandra Das, and relish his iconic creation!

Chronicles about Her Name: In 2001, the name of our beloved city officially changed from Calcutta to Kolkata. However, many of us still prefer to call her by the old name. Despite loving the erstwhile name of the city, most of us don’t know the interesting explanations behind it.

Many think the city gets its name from the Bengali word Kalikshetra, which means ‘’Land of Goddess Kali’’, while others trace its origin to two Bengali words – ‘’kali’’ meaning ‘’lime or calcium oxide’’ and ‘’kata’’ meaning ‘’burnt shell’’ – as the region was then famous for lime shell manufacturing. However, the most bizarre explanation goes like this: A British nobleman crossing the city area saw a peasant stacking hay and enquired about the name of the place in English. Not understanding his language and assuming the man was asking about the crops, the peasant replied ‘’kal kata’’ in bengali, which means ‘’harvested yesterday’’. Following English transcription, ‘’kal kata’’ came to be known as ‘’Calcutta’’!

Food for All: Kolkata is rightfully called a paradise for foodies! Have you ever acknowledged the fact that every kind of cuisine is available here in the best form possible?! You cannot say you can’t find the exact version of Bombay’s luscious pav bhaji, or Chennai’s crispy dosa, or Sikkim’s adorable momos in Kolkata. You find all these and more! What about the mouth-watering Indian Chinese in Chinatown…the savory biryani, mughlai and kebabs of Park Circus area?  And can we forget the soul-stirring phuchka, jhal muri and telebhaja – so bong, so delicious! This warm and embracing city accommodates people with all kinds of tastes.

No matter how many great things you read about Kolkata, to feel the essence of its beauty, you have to visit this ancient city. And if you want to have the pleasure of staying in one of the top hotels in Kolkata, you must get in touch with VIP International. It is a luxury hotel in Kolkata with spa, but rates are affordable and their service is very gracious and efficient.

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