4 Incredibly Haunted Spots for a Taste of Spookiness in the City of Joy

4 Incredibly Haunted Spots for a Taste of Spookiness in the City of Joy

Yes, the city of joy is full of historic and cultural significance. But it is also abundant in spooky places, and it definitely takes a very brave heart to explore these places after the sun descends! Here are 4 such haunted locations, so let’s go ghost hunting one chilly winter evening this year! What say?

South Park Cemetery

Cemeteries always have something creepy and spine-chilling about their atmosphere. And South Park cemetery takes the hair-raising feeling a step further. Open for use since 1767, Park Street cemetery is strewn with elaborate graves, numbering to more than 1600– most of them are draped in creepers and stray plants now.  This cemetery came to spotlight when a group of visitors purportedly saw a white apparition through their cameras. What’s more, one of the members on seeing the form instantly developed an asthma attack, although he never had any medical condition that triggered asthma attacks. News also came up about others in the team developing health issues soon after this incident. Nothing can ever prove the authenticity of ghost stories, but there’s no denying the uncanny feeling this place offers, especially after darkness sets in.

National Library of India

Not just a haunt for book lovers, but the biggest Indian library located in Kolkata is also one of the spookiest places one can encounter. It is common knowledge among frequent visitors that ghost of Lady Metcalfe haunts the corridors. Many talk about the strange feeling of constantly being watched. The discovery of a hidden chamber in 2010 further heightens the eeriness of this place. It is said that this secret room was the place of torture during the rule of British. Witnesses have mentioned an increase in paranormal activities inside the library after the distressing incident where twelve workers accidentally died while working on a renovation project in this building.


The name Putulbari, meaning House of Dolls, is enough to evoke horror and send chills down one’s spine. The setting of this place says it all– this is an old and decaying house with a few residents occupying the lowest level, while the upper levels are shut off at all hours, so unfortunately  the bravest souls can’t go up and explore if the stories about this place are true or not. It is believed that spirits of courtesans who were ruthlessly abused by aristocrats, occupy the floors above. Shrills of women and hysterical laughter isn’t an uncommon sound in this house. Also the terrace of the house looks super creepy lined with ancient Roman-style dolls.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

This metro station has become infamous for witnessing the maximum number of suicides in Kolkata, encouraged by the high voltage power lines running through the station. Spirits of those who meet their death here are believed to haunt commuters in the form of odd figures dressed in white. It’s not just passengers who encounter these apparitions; even drivers have reported incidents where they needed to suddenly halt trains because of white forms dashing across tracks.


So when travelling around the city of joy, do avoid late night metros from Rabindra Sarobar!


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