4 Mouth Watering Monsoon Dishes to Try in Kolkata

4 Mouth Watering Monsoon Dishes to Try in Kolkata

Every part of India has its own special monsoon menu. During the rains, the northern states of India enjoy pakodas and samosas with hot tea. The southern states savor bhajias with spiced tea. Kolkata in the eastern state of West Bengal has an array of flavorsome delicacies that Bengalis love indulging in every monsoon. And to celebrate the delicious monsoon cuisine of Bengal, the best hotels in Kolkata organize amazing food festivals during the wet season.

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The specialty of the Bengali cuisine is the ability to blend simple cooking styles that are light on your stomach with lip-smacking flavors that tickle your taste buds just right! So, if you are visiting the city of joy during the rainy season and staying in a three star hotel in Park Street, then leave no opportunity to try the following heavenly delicacies:

Ilish (Hilsa fish)

Ilish maach is that one craving that a Bengali soul must satiate every monsoon. Yes, the price of this luxurious fish is sky-high during its peak season, which is monsoon. But once you taste it you know that the price is 100% justified. A simple fry in mustard oil can get us salivating like animals! Appetizing recipes, like shorshe ilish, bhapa ilish and ilish pathuri take the food fiesta a notch higher! Fritters made using Hilsa eggs leave us craving for more of the fish-ey delight!

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Hot Fritters

Crispy fritters made of potatoes, onion rings and eggplant has held the Bengali population under its flavorful spell for centuries now. Come the rains, and you shall spot Bengalis devouring a plate full of fritters, a bowl of puffed rice and a steaming cup of tea. The assortment of spices combined with the crunchiness of besan coating makes these fritters undisputed stars of the snack family!

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Khichuri and begun bhaja

Khichuri is a preparation made with rice, daal and pieces of vegetables. It is served with a dollop of ghee or butter. The delectable combination of this simple dish with oily eggplant fries (begun bhaja) is sure to give anybody a foodgasm! This is a patent dish in every Bengali household when the romantic rains set in motion. And your tummy will be so happy after this meal that you shall fall into a prolonged and peaceful sleep!

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Ginger tea

A tea made with large portions of milk and garnished with grated ginger and heaps of sugar is a must with the addas (hangouts) in evening. Heaps of sugar might make you want to stay away from it, but one sip and you fall in love with it! Cut down the sugar and this tea has major health benefits due to the use of spices like ginger and cardamom. It awakens your mind, lifts your spirits and relaxes your body.

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These dishes are so delicious that even the health conscious lot is bound to hog on these all day! Come to Kolkata, lodge in an affordable hotel like VIP International and savor these beauties!


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