4 Special Places to Enjoy a Romantic Mood during Kolkata Winters

4 Special Places to Enjoy a Romantic Mood during Kolkata Winters

Winter in Kolkata provides the perfect setting for some romance! Between frosty northerly winds and heart-warming sunlight, love takes center stage. It’s a time for cozy hugs and soulful conversations shared over steaming cups of tea/coffee. It’s a time for romantic walks through Kolkata’s beautiful lakesides and parks, or evening strolls under mellowed lights, while old romantic songs come drifting from nearby shops and add to the magic of the moment.

Below are four places, and few of them have been around for decades, but each winter these spots offer fresh experiences that couples can cherish for years!

Bridge in Floatel

Standing on a ship deck with your partner and taking in soothing rippling sound of Ganges, the beautiful city horizon and hypnotic twinkling lights, while fresh sea breeze caresses your face– the setting in The Bridge Floatel is cozy and unhurried, one you both should experience if you guys are looking for long conversations enjoyed over mouthwatering food and a heart-warming ambience.

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Ecopark is the first choice for couples who are nature lovers as well as adventure seekers. Yes, this humungous park in Kolkata offers an array of experiences and the park is so vast and varied that you can easily spend the entire day here laughing, relaxing and exploring with your partner. Neatly manicured lawns lined with tons of trees and wonderful musical fountains easily please our senses, while a gamut of sporting activities satiates excitement hungry souls. There’s kayaking, zorbing, archery and paintball, among many other exotic outdoor activities found in amusement parks. And after the series of interesting activities in the park, take a ferry ride to Café Ekante and devour the highly-rated Bengali food– perfect ending to a wonderful day!


A quaint escape from the humdrum of city life– Nalban boating complex engulfs and uplifts your spirits with its rich natural beauty that includes vast stretches of lush greenery and wonderful lakes. The air and atmosphere here is apt to spend cool winter afternoons, especially if you look forward to a date where you take part in various activities besides chatting! Here in the lap of nature, you can take a boat ride on the welcoming waters, have a cute picnic on a nice-looking spot or enjoy a game of badminton with your partner.

The Love Room

Do you both adore furry, cute pets? Then you must make it to The Love Room. This place is a heaven for pet lovers who can’t pet doggies or cats at home. Adorable fur babies greet you both with eager eyes and warm, playful hugs! Moreover, the food here is lip-smacking!

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