5 Amazing Things that Encapsulates the True Feeling of Kolkata

5 Amazing Things that Encapsulates the True Feeling of Kolkata

Kolkata is a seething pot of history, culture and legacy. Every nook and cranny of the city brims with life, joy and wonder – leaving no doubts why it is branded as the city of joy!

What’s more, Kolkata is not just a city; it’s an emotion, a soul-stirring experience… If you still can’t fathom what we’re trying to say… Here’s your answer in 5 well-manifested points that perfectly embodies our tryst with this amazing Indian city and glorious erstwhile British capital:

A booklover’s paradise, College Street is etched in the heart of Kolkata! They say, if you can’t find a book in College Street, then probably the book never existed, because this place is a treasure trove of secondhand books and the world’s second largest secondhand book market. Woah!



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Next to College Street, we’ve National Library and Asia’s largest book fair event – Kolkata, being the city of talent and passion has also been highly-acclaimed for its artistic and literary heritage. We recommend taking a quick tour around National Library; built to satiate your innermost greed for books, this place has a remarkable old-world charm that will instantly suck you in.




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More than a festival, Durga Puja is the pride and glory of Bengal. Kolkata, being in the eye of the celebrations, illuminates itself with color, energy and resplendence. Washed with fun and frolic, the festive cheer is palpable in the air. If you want to soak in true-blue Bengali culture and tradition, you have to be here during this time of the year. Trust us, you won’t regret, not even for a second.

The commute culture of Kolkata is mind-blowing; from archaic trams to kaali-peeli ambassadors to haunted metro stations to ultra-expensive Jaguars and Audis – Kolkata’s public transport system is motley of the most sublime experiences you can have in a lifetime. Stay rest assured, the yells of ‘aaste ladies’ by crooked conductors will resonate in your ears for years!

The Christmas fervor in Park Street is simply unbeatable. Every year, the entire stretch from Mullick Bazaar to St. Paul’s Cathedral is all decked up with lights and we can’t be happier. Bathed in quintessential merry-making vibes and oodles of delicious food and drinks, Park Street is the liveliest place to be on Christmas Eve. Point noted.

Besides, there are countless hidden gems full of waning beauty and erstwhile grandeur strewn across everywhere. The colonial confluence in the city is incredible. However, to breathe in such artistic splendor and gripping culture, you have to be here, and fortunately, there are countless hotels in Kolkata with bar that ensures a comfortable stay marrying modern amenities and great location in a powerful pack. Just pick your best bet from the comprehensive list of 3-star hotels in Kolkata and E-N-J-O-Y!

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