5 Things to Check before Making a Hotel Reservation

5 Things to Check before Making a Hotel Reservation

Exploring a new city, indulging in never-seen-before kind of experiences and soaking in the panoramic vistas – makes travelling all the more fun and exhilarating. And double the fun, when you find a comfortable stay accommodation coupled impeccable service and warm hospitality.


But, have you ever wondered about how to choose your hotel? What things to take into considerations, and what not? Below, we’ve put together 5 most important factors to consider before making a hotel selection. Think, observe and then pick the best hotels to stay in Kolkata. Till then, happy reading!

Location Check!

This has to be the first mantra that one must follow before booking a hotel. If you are someone who hopes to spend some moments of solitude away from the cacophony of a metropolis, then make sure you reserve a room in a hotel that’s tucked away in a corner, miles away from the city centre. Otherwise, the crowd, the traffic and a flurry of activities will snatch away your peace for sure!

Nevertheless, while staying in big cities, it’s advisable to choose centrally located places to stay, allowing guests more time to roam around freely, minimizing time taken and money spent, alike.


The numbers of stars determines the level of quality and variety of services it offers. As well as the prices. Price and quality are two factors that demand our utmost attention. Remember, the more stars and central location, the higher the price. Also, you should always look for attractive offers and deals, inclusive of other added services. The best way to do so is by visiting a hotel’s official website and gain a firsthand experience.

Warm Hospitality

Hospitality is the blood and bone of top hotels in Kolkata – or it should be. Often, though mistakenly, hospitality and service are regarded as similar things, but they are not. They are definitely related to each other, but when it comes to their features, they are quite distinctive in nature. While hospitality is personal, service is all about mechanics.

Hotel VIP International boasts of warm hospitality, friendly staff and adequate customer satisfaction. Amalgamating state of the art facilities with the right kind of hospitality, this 3 star hotel near Esplanade Kolkata has set really high standards of service.  


Culinary talent is another important constituent that plays a pivotal role in determining a hotel’s success. Drawing inspiration from the saying – good food makes good mood – a fantastic accommodation should have options of half-board or full-board, serving delicious food items on the table, along with hotels with free breakfast Kolkata option.

Guest Reviews

Well, this is a section that needs caution and care. It’s always prudent to enough to check this area on the website, as it sheds light on experiences of other guests who have stayed at the hotel. Such reviews will always be more reliable, as they help you understand what kind of stay experience you are about to get.

Hope you are sorted now!

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