5 Types of People You Come Across at Hotels in Kolkata

5 Types of People You Come Across at Hotels in Kolkata

Travelling is a journey best measured with friends rather than miles. It takes you to places, and strikes chord with new people. Though for a short while, but these bonds stay as memories for long.

Here, we’ve compiled a listicle of the types of people you may come across while staying at a 3 star hotel near Esplanade Kolkata during travelling. They surely make your stay memorable and more fun.

The Couple_Love

Agreed or not, there are two types of couple: one the love birds, who appear adorable at first but later gets on the nerves and the other lot is the fighters, who disagrees on almost on all matters. Irrespective of the kind of couple, you can never be angry with the either lot.

The Selfie Addicts

The name tag says it all! Wherever they are, selfies are a ritual, which they can’t skip! NEVER. Armed with their smartphones, they click as many selfies as possible before they even walk whole 9-yards. They pout, pose and construct captions with trending hashtags. Just learn to bear them, that’s it!

The Nonchalant Nomads

Shabby persona? A huge backpack to cram an entire world inside? You guessed it right, they are the careless nomads… the wanderers.  They probably must’ve come from an exotic destination and might be on their way to the next one. Going forward is the only constant of their lives. They keep going from one place to another with no fixed roots anywhere. If possible, listen to their stories; they have some of the best adventures to talk about. Don’t miss.

The Newbies

First time have they entered the world of travelling; exploring is an adventure to them. Here, you will come across two types. One is the hyper kind; they are super excited about foraying into this new space. They have done their research well, and follow all travel tips. The other lot comprises of disinterested chaps who have been dragged into the trip by their families. Don’t be surprised to find them hooked into their phones and tablets with headphones plugged in.

The Family People

 The most common lot, you tend to find in all hotels. A typical tryst of 4, mom, dad and two kids are a regular affair. If you love kids, you are going to gel with the family lot. For sure, they are going to make a lot of noise and run here and there. So, it largely depends on how tolerant you are with the kids! Don’t jeopardize your stay on their account. Don’t lose your calm!

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