#ChristmasCountDown: 4 Places in Kolkata to Soak in the Christmas Magic!

#ChristmasCountDown: 4 Places in Kolkata to Soak in the Christmas Magic!

The jingling of bells, the familiar tunes of soul-soothing Christmas carols, the cosiness of woollens, the delightful Christmas foodstuffs and a web of magnificent, glittering lights all around you- Christmas in Kolkata is an extraordinary affair. The air is loaded with merriness, hoho-s and haha-s, and enough excitement to touch the most reclusive souls!

When it comes to any kind of celebration, Bengalis are easily the most enthusiastic lot. Hence Christmas, although a Christian festival, is celebrated in Kolkata with supreme zest and heartiness. The credit for making this festival so popular also goes to dedicated Christian missionaries who worked tirelessly to spread the message of Jesus during the rule of British. But this doesn’t mean Christmas is chiefly a Christian affair. The magic of Xmas engulfs everyone. People of all faiths are welcomed with open arms, and it is this all-embracing spirit of Christmas that makes it so enchanting.

Although every household celebrates Christmas with gifts, fruit cakes and sweets, there are certain hubs around the city where the essence of Christmas is felt bigger and brighter!

Bow Barracks

This Anglo-Indian neighbourhood is the nicest place to soak in authentic flavours of Xmas. The red buildings are adorned with lovely banners, and the streets are crisscrossed by vibrant lights and interesting stalls selling homemade cakes, wines and other savoury titbits. Large crowds flood the streets enjoying the upbeat remix of well-known Xmas carols!

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

If you’re in the mood is to experience the religious side of Christmas, then you must make an attempt to visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Although the queue to enter this pristine church is maddening (comparable to Durga Puja lines outside pandals), once you make it through the gates you’ll be mesmerized by the pleasing decor and sweet melodies coming from children’s choirs. The inside is aglow with the warmth of candlelight and the sacredness of prayers– peace and contentment are guaranteed.

New Market

This biggest hog market in the city is bustling with energetic shoppers all year round. Christmastime allows you to enjoy the liveliness of this area in the backdrop of a carnival-like ambience. A giant plastic Santa Claus together with the figure of Spiderman curiously watches over hordes of people coming and going. Shopping activities increase drastically, and people line up to grab luscious plum cakes sold at the famous Jewish bakery Nahoums.

Park Street

In the city of joy, Christmas and Park Street are synonymous. If you are visiting Kolkata around Christmas time, make sure you join the gala in Park Street. The streets, usually packed with vehicles, are instead filled with gleeful faces decked up in Santa hats and LED devil horns! Not-to-miss things are the live musical shows and food extravaganza at Allen Park.

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