Discover Calcutta, an Erstwhile British Capital with Iconic Heritage Walk Tour

Discover Calcutta, an Erstwhile British Capital with Iconic Heritage Walk Tour

The British legacy in Kolkata is still rich, strong and overpowering. Though the British have left India decades ago, their majestic European touch is still palpable across the city’s myriad heritage buildings and colonial structures. British architectural style was unique and varied. The best way to explore them would be with a good, reputable Heritage Walk Tour. These kinds of walk tours are quite popular nowadays – because they not only introduce you to the glorious British Calcutta and but also rewards you with a sneak peek into what made Calcutta the great Colonial Capital of India. So, avail their services and immerse yourself into All-Things-Raj!

Bow Barracks Walk Tour

As always, Kolkata has been a melting pot of culture, tradition and heritage. The city has witnessed numerous cultures in the past. It has been home to different cultures and communities from around the world. A quick yet encompassing tour will help you trace and understand the origins of each community and why they seem to call Calcutta their home.

Bow Barracks is the best place to kick-start this tour. In this amazing neighborhood, you will get to see how Parsis, though in dwindling numbers pass their days by and how the Armenians live together in perfect harmony with the Anglo-Indians, Marwaris, Biharis and Muslims. We highly recommend this walk tour if you want to know about the diverse cultures of colonial Calcutta.

Bonedi Rajbari Tour @SovaBazaar

To witness the magnanimity of traditional Bengali culture, Sovabazar is the place to be. The elaborate facades, stunning architecture, intricate artworks and authentic Zamindari lavishness are worth noticing. Together, they make Sovabazar a perfect assemblage of old-world dwellings, narrow cobblestone lanes, rich heritage and waning customs, which when visited helps you get lost in a time warp known as quintessential Bonedi-ana in Bengali’s Calcutta.

Moreover, the entire stretch of North Kolkata is brimming with heritage properties and incongruous architectural wonders that speak volumes of wealthy Zamindari vibes. A tour around the area is highly recommended.

Food Trail to Taste the Flavors of Bengal

No doubt, Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise, a hub of gastronomical delights. With an excellent food tour, you would be able to explore the satiating lanes of Kolkata that are treasure troves of delicious food and flavors. A tour such as this will leave a lasting impression on you for sure – it will help you familiarize with the ingredients available in the market that goes into the preparation of some of the most authentic and delicious Bengali food. Moreover, it will also give scope to you to follow that up with a quick cooking lesson by the owners of the restaurants in the city or simply by housewives with a knack of cooking.

Lastly, wrap up the food trail with a swelling plate of Bengali sweets. Kolkata is widely famous for its lip-smacking sweet dishes – so never forget indulging in one, or two, during your stay. Now, talking about your stay in Kolkata, the city has no dearth of good hotels to stay in Kolkata. Nevertheless, you have to browse through them online and pick the best one out, according to your need and requirement. Hotel VIP International is a reputed 3-star hotel that offers incredible hospitality and a host of comfort services. With a superb location and well-equipped rooms, this hotel in Kolkata deserves your attention. For more information, reach us at

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