#EngulfYourSenses: 4 Incredible Experiences That Only Kolkata Offers

#EngulfYourSenses: 4 Incredible Experiences That Only Kolkata Offers

Agreed, falling in love is a highly subjective affair. But when it’s Kolkata, the City of Joy, little room of doubt do we have. The city basks under its own glory; it has a certain aura that is difficult to spot in any other cities of India or even abroad.

To be precise, Kolkata is just not a city but an experience, or a way of life.

To explain this, we’ve culled down a few things that set apart this colonial British capital from its other mundane contemporaries.

Yellow Taxis

A pop of yellow brightens up your day. On a somber day, when you are fuming over surcharge rates of aggregators fleet (Ola, Uber), a vintage yellow taxi agreeing to take you to your destination feels like a whiff of soothing evening breeze post a sultry, humid day.

Iconic Howrah Bridge

This 163-year old station boasts of waning splendor. This year, this cantilever bridge is going to celebrate its 75th birthday, and of course we are excited! Take a ferry ride from Kolkata to Howrah and soak in the majestic views of glory and grandeur of this spectacular icon of Kolkata.

Father of Rosogollas

Whenever we think of sweets, especially Rosogolla, Kolkata is the first name that pops up in our minds. But do you know who the inventor of this epic sweet was? Sri Nobin Chandra Das is the ‘Father of Rosogolla’. Hailing from a family of sugar merchants, his love for sweets got a new definition when a wealthy merchant came to his shop and asked for a glass of water.

Nobin, being a true blue Bangali didn’t offer him only water, instead offered him rosogollas along with it. And once this merchant took a bite of squidgy rosogollas, there was no turning back. He immediately bought rosogollas in bulk quantities for his family and friends, and since then, the saga of rosogollas began…

FOOD Galore

As far as food is concerned, Street Food in Kolkata needs no formal introduction. Be it Jhal Muri, Kachuri, Tele Bhaja, Singara – all spills out deliciousness unlimited. For stomach filling needs, savor Mughlai Paratha and Kathi Rolls. Wait, the list doesn’t end there: we’ve scrumptious chowmein, thukpa and momos – all at affordable prices. So, when you unearthing the foodie in you?

Travelling to Kolkata?

Exploring Kolkata can be fun! A city with a soul never fails to amaze its beloved patrons. So, if you are looking for hotels to stay in Kolkata, we have something for you – Hotel VIP International is perched across in the heart of the city, Park Street and the services they offer speaks of excellence and customer-friendly. Bonus Point – They offer tasty complimentary breakfast in hotel!


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