Experience Beauty of Nature @ These Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

From dilapidated, old alleyways to glazing, contemporary shopping malls, Kolkata has become an enthralling city enwrapped within dusts of culture, intellect and tradition. However, the daily humdrum of life and eternal honking of horns snatch the tranquility away. Undeniably, it ushers us into a hectic but predictable daily schedule, which we so very detest.

So, is the peril of monotony getting to you? Are you seeking the thrill of wilderness? Are you craving for the warmth of Mother Nature?

No worries, tucked away a few kilometers from Kolkata lies a bundle of exciting weekend getaways for all you nature enthusiasts. Just go explore!


The prime abode of Royal Bengal Tigers, Sunderbans National Park is just 2 hours drive from Kolkata. A true nature-lover’s delight, its spread over a 10000 square kilometer area, and tagged as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The abundance of mangroves, the picturesque vistas of Ganga-Brahmaputra delta and of course the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers are sure to tickle every traveler’s heart and soul. For wildlife enthusiasts, staying inside the forest will ensure one of a kind experience, impossible to forget ever.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary

 Take four and a half hours drive via NH19 and find yourself amidst lush flora and fauna. Ideal for a weekend getaway from Kolkata, Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is an adventurist’s paradise. Bask in the glory of nature and spend some blissful moments away from the urban chaos and cacophonies of modern life.

Along with experiencing nature at its best, the sanctuary allows ample scope to spot deer and other animals. Take a quick stroll and catch glimpses of rare Blackbuck Deer and migratory birds, like Teals and Pintails.


Touted as a hotbed of verdant greenery, Purulia leaves no gaps to fulfill your nature-inspired quests. Enjoy a quaint walk along the Baranti Reservoir, which is a tranquil lake amidst verdant mountains ideal for capturing romantic sunsets.

Visit Doldanga Deer Park to click most candid pictures of diverse species of deer. If not for the deer, blame it on the panoramic views that this park offers, visitors feel an urge to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life in this beautiful place in the lap of nature.


Boasting of one of India’s largest dams, Mukutmanipur is a sleepy town surrounded by verdant greenery and tranquil blue waters. It’s a hiker’s paradise. Parasnath Hill is a major attraction that’s famous for housing a world-famous pilgrimage center on its top.

Explore Deer Park and spend a cozy afternoon amidst the greens with your near and dear ones. Try boating or go see herds of deer opposite to the lake, either option will ensure you a memorable experience for eco tourists.

For Non-Kolkata Readers:

To visit these fabulous weekend getaway destinations, you need to make Kolkata your base destination from where you could chalk the rest of the plan out. Kolkata is a thriving metropolitan city and a wide number of hotels to stay in Kolkata are waiting to entice you travel-hungry souls. Combining comfort with class, these top hotels in Kolkata offer state of the art hospitality services at the most affordable prices possible. So, settle yourself in one of these hotels, and kickstart your exciting weekend ahead!


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