#HungerPangs: Top 5 Winter Delicacies You Have To Try in Kolkata

#HungerPangs: Top 5 Winter Delicacies You Have To Try in Kolkata

Winter in Kolkata is special. Pleasant and fantastic, this season brings forth a wide assortment of delicacies that tickles your taste buds. This is why below, we’ve rounded up top 5 winter treats to chomp down in Kolkata. Let’s take a quick look without further ado!

Nolen Gur’er Mishti

For all my sweet-tooth friends, we’ve some melt-in-the-mouth kinds of sweets coming your way – they are called Nolen Gur’er Mishti. Made up of rich, flavorful jaggery, these sweets continues to be the most sinful winter delight of all ages.

Must Try Items – Nolen gur infused Kachagolla, Jalbhara, Karapak Sandesh and Roshogolla.

Where – Bhim Chandra Nag, Nalinchandra and Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

Koraishutir Kochuri

A Sunday staple in a typical Bangali household, Koraishutir Kochuri has our fluttering hearts. A filling of sumptuous mashed green peas stuffed in regular kochuris no more tastes so regular – devour these fluffy greenish delights with or without any accompaniments. In either way, they taste divine. A must-try winter dish in Kolkata!

Accompaniments – Aloor Dum (especially Notun Aloo)

Where – Best when it’s homemade, if not then drop by Byloom Canteen, Hindustan Park or 6 Ballygunge Place

Phulkopi’r Bora or Shingara

Our (Bengalis) love for Telebhaja and Shingara is eternal! Though you will find telebhaja stalls selling dollops of love all throughout the year, gorging piping hot phulkopi’s shingara or bora with Masala Muri or Ginger Tea in winter is an out of the world feeling. However, not much effort goes into the making – in simple words, cauliflower florets are deep fried in a batter of gram flour and served piping hot.

Where – Putiram Sweets, College Street

Plum Cake

Agreed or not, winter is synonymous with Christmas, and when its Christmas in Kolkata, we can’t help but discuss rich plum cakes, heaps of dry fruits and chocolates. Fluffy, mouth-watering plum cakes from Flurys are EPIC. Crammed with raisins, walnuts, almonds, cashews, figs and drenched with a concoction of brandy, orange juice and whisky for more than 6 months, these dense plum cakes from the legendary bake house are surely a pleasure treat for all sweet-craving souls.

Where – Flurys, Park Street


As there’s a slight nip in the air, it’s time to savor the traditional Muslim delicacy, Nihari – a mouth-watering meaty broth slowly cooked with aromatic spices and ounces of clarified butter. It is one of the finest examples of slow-cooked, delicious food. No wonder, people queue in front of eateries neighboring Nakhoda Mosque to have a delectable breakfast spread fit for the royalty!  

Where – Islamia and Sufia around Nakhoda Mosque

Done deciding which one is your favorite winter delicacy?

Surely, Kolkata is a paradise for food-lovers. The locals are blessed that they can dig into such wonderful seasonal delights, whenever they feel like, but what about others?

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