#KolkataDiaries: 5 Fascinating Places in Kolkata that You Just Can’t Miss!

Kolkata isn’t a city you can rush through. You need to unfold its enigma layer by layer. You need to absorb its essence with all your senses. Whether you are visiting one of its heritage buildings, or enjoying the view from Howrah Bridge, or savoring its culinary delights, the charm and beauty of Kolkata will find a permanent place in your heart.

Yes, at first glance the congestion on the city roads can get on your nerves. But, which Indian city doesn’t have traffic? The cool weather, the sweet people and the jolly ambience make things magical for visitors! So, here are some must-visit places in Kolkata. They are a little unconventional, but are teeming with authentic Kolkata vibes!

Visit the Mummy that’s 4000 Year Old

Everyone has been fascinated by Egyptian tales of mummies and afterlives. The Indian Museum in Kolkata is home to the largest and oldest museum in India. The numerous rooms and galleries of this museum are jam-packed with beautiful antiques, captivating relics, interesting fossils and some beautiful Mughal paintings. However, the star attraction of this place has always been the Egyptian mummy that is 4000 years old! Brace yourself for goose-bumps down your spine!

Source: Mummipedia Wiki – Fandom

Wander around the Potter’s Quarter

The hotspot for photographers– Kumurtuli in North Kolkata has numerous bylanes that abounds with over 400 idol makers. Art and creativity run in the blood and veins of Bengalis. In the months ahead of Durga puja, this place is populated with clay busts and torsos of Goddess Ma Durga, as the clay artisans are busy creating mesmerizing idols that beautify the numerous pandals across the city. Don a pair of comfy walking shoes and carry your camera before your head to have a rendezvous with Kolkata’s magnificent artistic heritage!

Source: saverabollywood.com

Take a Boat Ride from Princep Ghat

Built in 1841 on the banks of Hooghly River, Princep Ghat offers breathtaking views of the Vidyasagar Setu and the tranquil waters stretching far and wide. The weather is breezy and the mood light and romantic. It will definitely make you happy! Take a boat ride in the traditional wooden boats that are steered by the locals, many of whom use these boats for fishing by the day. The best time to take a boat ride is just before sunset when the sky and waters are bathed in the crimson hue of the setting sun. 

Source: flickr.com

Take a Tour of the Seven Wonders at Eco Park

This is a green zone in the urban area Rajarhat. The park is vast and has several ecological zones and theme based gardens. The new concept is including the Seven Wonders of the World within this Park. It has many options for recreational activities. There are numerous food joints as well. Overall, a fun place for tourists.

Source: LBB

Park Street’s Nightlife

Surely, the City of Joy has a vintage atmosphere. But it has a contemporary and glamorous night scene too. As the lights come alive every evening, the shining streets of Park Street welcomes revelers with the best restaurants, lounges and nightclubs.

Source: What’s Up Life

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