Location, Room Décor and Customer Service Best Defines Hotel VIP International

Location, Room Décor and Customer Service Best Defines Hotel VIP International

Hotel VIP International is one of the leading 3 star hotels in Kolkata that breathes culture, character and charisma to an otherwise mundane hospitality industry. It ensures excellent hospitality services at the most affordable rates. Central location and comfortable interiors are extra brownie points!

With a glossy glass façade outside and stylishly decorated guest-rooms inside, this top hotel in Park Street is a standing testimony of ‘all finer things in life’. It boasts of a raft of modern amenities coupled with complimentary breakfast and free WIFI services.

3 Star Hotels in Kolkata with Best Services - Hotel VIP International

Location is its USP!

Hotel VIP International’s central location makes it a convenient place to stay for travelers. It’s obvious, travelling keeps us happy, but it makes us happier if all the key places of interest in a city lie at a stone’s throw distance from the place where we are staying. It helps travelers reduce transit time and explore the gems of the city from a certain depth. In this regard, Hotel VIP International is a winning bet.

Situated in the heart of the city, it’s close to almost all major shopping markets, including New Market, AC Market and Forum, multiplexes, the Indian Museum, Victoria Memorial, food havens, including Park Street and the incredible Birla Planetarium. The hotel also shares close proximity with Railway stations and metro stations – thus, it’s the most preferred choice for business and domestic travelers.

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Comfortable and Elegant Room Decor

Hotel VIP International has well-furnished, comfortable and minimalist rooms. Surely, the guests would receive all sorts of five-star services here without thinning their wallets. The rooms are spacious; the décor is understated and the customer service is impeccable.

3 star hotel near Esplanade Kolkata

Recently, in view of the upcoming winter season, the management of Hotel VIP International introduced a new room lapped with modern décor and fuller amenities – the interior of the room is done in light colors, the bed is ultra-luxurious, the curtains selected is plush and the overall ambience echoes ‘being understated’. The room comes with sleek LCD units with TV, a two-seater sofa, uber cool bed-lamps and a mini fridge to name a few. The other hotel facilities include WIFI and phone service, free parking, laundry and complimentary breakfast.

Taking care of guests’ taste and preference is a primary lookout of every hotel brand, and VIP International is no different. With that in mind, they have tastefully designed the new room for millennial travelers, and of course we find it extremely classy and comfortable, equipped with all the modern facilities.

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Other Services

Interestingly, despite being reasonably priced, this budget hotel in Kolkata throws forward a roll of quality services and great customer support! Powered by a team of seasoned staff members, the hotel is a pure reflection of home away from home!

Thinking of where to get more information about the hotel and its booking procedure? Go online and visit their official site. Their website contains a mélange of specialties and facilities that ensures you an overall comfortable stay experience.

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