Nifty Tips and Tricks to Have the Best Hotel Stay Experience

Nifty Tips and Tricks to Have the Best Hotel Stay Experience

Travelling is fun. It plays a crucial role in our lives. Every once in a while, people like to visit new places and cities and when they do so they give special attention to the accommodation. Staying at a new place involves a bit of planning beforehand. This is why we are here – in this blog, we are about to you a few simple tips and hacks that would ensure you have a superb stay experience at one of the best hotels near Esplanade.


Luggage is the most painful aspect of any travel plan. Too much work is involved in deciding which clothes to wear and then fold them into the suitcase, all the while leaving enough room for other essential travel items and toiletries.

Now, if you want to save more time, effort and space, we suggest you to simply roll your clothes instead of folding them properly. This hack will surely help you a lot, especially while unpacking after you reach your hotel. It will take no time to spot your outfit and you can easily pull it out leaving others undisturbed.

Managing the Valuables

Most of you must be in possession of important documents and valuables while travelling. It can be anything, from jewelry to passport to cash, and of course, you need to keep it safe. For that, we would alert you it’s better to leave your identity documents or any excess cash inside your hotel room. In there they will remain safe and secured. Fortunately, most of the family hotels near Esplanade Kolkata come with security locker facility.

Travel Assistance

Going around a new city is not always a good idea. If you haven’t planned an itinerary, fret not, ask the hotel receptionist or staff. Most of the hotels nowadays have their own travel assistance desk where you can get quick local itinerary highlighting popular tourist spots around the city. They can help you with some of the best recommendations possible.

Currency Exchange

As a matter of fact, tourists travel to foreign countries and exchange their currencies. The airport is the most convenient place for currency exchange though the rate they offer is relatively lower. This is why there are many people who prefer to withdraw amounts directly from their debit card or credit card. But again, the conversion rate is significantly low. We suggest you should only opt for this option in case of emergency, otherwise not. Instead, try to exchange currency within the hotels. The rate they offer is good and the best thing about hotels is that they never run out of cash.

Significance of Do Not Disturb Sign

A quick Tip – Before going off to sleep, you must always hang this sign on the doorknob because who wants to get disturbed while sleeping! Also, the housekeeping team begins their work in the wee hours so make sure you put on the tag and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Now, that you know the basic tips and tricks we wish you a happy stay experience at one of our most affordable hotels in Kolkata.

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