Top 3 Heritage Kolkata Walks That Explore Rich Historical Legacy of the City

Top 3 Heritage Kolkata Walks That Explore Rich Historical Legacy of the City

We all love to scamper around swanky malls and hip lounges whenever our work schedules screams of Being Empty, but sometimes it’s important to stop, inhale and soak in the true flavors of the city. This is why we’ve curated 3 Heritage Walks in Kolkata that ensures life-altering experience – so Happy Walking!

North Kolkata Day-Tour

North Kolkata twinkles in its full glory and grandeur. The ancient alleyways of this charming district are dotted with crumbling temples, magnificent palatial mansions and hand-pulled (tonga) rickshaws. These rickshaws are the most recognizable symbols of this city; they are the legacy of the colonial rule.

The best way to explore North Kolkata is by starting early and making your way to the Jain Temple Complex. This can be your first stop, and once you are here be ready to get dazzled by 4 well-decorated temples, adorned with ceramic tiles, resplendent chandeliers and reflective mirrors.

Next, explore The Marble Palace, one of the best maintained and cultivated mansions of 19th century Kolkata. Built by Raja Rajendra Mullick, this iconic structure wholly built with pure marble houses rich collections of western sculpture, European and Indian artistic paintings and Victorian furniture.

You can spend the latter half of the day traversing around the bastion of Bengali culture, The Jorasanko Thakur Bari, the Motherhouse (Mother Theresa’s home) or the Potter’s market (Kumurtuli). Then, wash off all the nostalgia with some blissful cups of tea at Flurys or over a couple of beers at Oly Pub.

Bow Barracks to Burrabazar

Unsurprisingly, Kolkata is a melting pot of culture, traditions and legacy. Being home to countless immigrants from across the globe, Kolkata magically brings everyone together, and to find the best example, haunt Tiretta Bazaar. Their authentic Chinese breakfast offers a sliver of China right on your plate, defining the city’s culinary experience.

On your way to this part of the town, beside Poddar Court, don’t miss Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth, Kolkata’s oldest Christian church. Erected back in the early 18th century, this church is a true heritage delight.

Next, drop by the Bow Barracks – an early settlement of Anglo-Indian community, which was constructed as a garrison for American soldiers during WWI. Tour around the seven blocks of red-bricked three-storied building and collect beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones, especially during Christmas.

The Kumartuli Walk

A walk across the potter’s colony is an enriching experience, savored for a lifetime. The best way to explore this creative nook is by dedicating an entire day where you can discover their mesmerizing artworks at a leisurely pace.

The labyrinth-like lanes of Kumartuli are home to hundreds of artisans and their families. With their deft hands, these artisans sculpt idols using environment-friendly ingredients, such as river clay, straws, bamboos and coconut fiber-made ropes in their tiny, humble studios along the dingy lanes. Take a stroll and witness how their vision turns into an awe-inspiring reality.

Kolkata offers more such amazing activities. They not only revolve around colonial structures, but explore the vibrancy of its rich culture and cosmopolitan nature.

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