Top 3 Never-to-Forget Experiences to Indulge @Esplanade, Kolkata

Top 3 Never-to-Forget Experiences to Indulge @Esplanade, Kolkata

The former capital of British India, Kolkata is a daily festival of tradition, culture and art. Locally, Kolkata is touted as a cynosure of intellect and artistic essence. While the quintessential middle class drives the metropolis’ core machinery, the rudimentary hipster culture thrives amongst the millennial population, making Kolkata a mixed bag of emotions, perceptions and vibrancy of life and lifestyle.

In this blog, we’ll take a dig into the most bustling part of Kolkata, Esplanade… It’s located in the heart of the city and dotted with antique shops, architectural marvels and nostalgia-filled tram rides!!! Scroll down…

Tram: The Heritage of Metropolis

Kolkata has the oldest electric tram service in the whole of Asia. It’s been operational since 1902.

 The trams in Kolkata are fascinating, a legacy of the British Raj. Not only are they a pollution-free mode of transport, but also the dwindling pride of the city.

Hop on one of them from Esplanade, a central tram depot and board a North Kolkata-bound tram: the scenic views of old Kolkata houses and buildings will transport you to another world. Or, you can also take a tram that traverses across the lush green Maidan, while the setting sun casts its last glory upon earth.

Shopping Haul @Esplanade

Esplanade is reckoned as the shopper’s paradise. Be it junk jewelry, leather products, second-hand books, trendy garbs, vogue eyewear, chunky watches and cargo pants – you can pick any item for 1000INR or less.

Did you know the present-day new market was once known as Hogg’s Market, and is one of the oldest and most popular markets in India? Constructed in 1874, the sprawling arcade houses 4000 stalls and 27 entrances. Yes, it’s that massive!! So, from a needle to an elephant, fill your carts with all the beguiling things once you are here.

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Bird’s Eye View from Shahid Minar

Situated near Esplanade, Kolkata, Shahid Minar is a pristine white 158-foot high monument; the history of its construction is as interesting as its architecture. Considered a tribute to India’s independence struggle, the tower boasts of an iconic design, an amalgamation of different architectural inspirations with the dome being inspired from Turkish style, the column from Syria and the foundation reeked of Egyptian influence.

It was once the highest tower in and around Esplanade – and this is why Mark Twain once called it ‘cloud-kissing monument’, and we can’t agree more. So, climb up all the 223 steps of the winding spiral staircase to enjoy a spectacular city view. Trust us you’ll be mesmerized for sure.

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