#WhatsUpKolkata: Popular Activities To Do in Kolkata This Month

#WhatsUpKolkata: Popular Activities To Do in Kolkata This Month

Kolkata, the city of joy, gets all the more joyful during weekends! Come Friday and people swiftly turn their enjoyment modes on! Kolkata presents many activities for recreation and relaxation. Here are some of the top things that locals as well as tourists must indulge in before the month ends. Let’s get the fun times rolling!

Taste Mouth-Watering Hilsa Creations at Hilsa Festivals

The queen of fish Hilsa, popularly known as Ilish maachh, is a Bengali obsession. But not just the Bengalis though, tourists from all parts of the world fall in love with Hilsa delicacies once they taste this magical maachh! Monsoon is the prime time to enjoy this saltwater fish, as during the rainy season the fishes come with eggs! Ilish maachh bhaja (fried Hilsa fish) with tel (oil), Shorshe Ilish, Dahi Ilish, Bhapa Ilish, Ilish maachher jhol and Ilish Maachher Paturi are some of the revered Hilsa delights that tickle our taste buds and leave us craving for more!

Image source: Pikturenama

This month, many Hilsa festivals are to be celebrated across different venues in Kolkata. If you are visiting Kolkata in August you cannot miss out these fish-ey celebrations! Try all the different styles of cooking- fried, smoked, baked or cooked in a delicious curry! The Padma variety is very flavorful and a favorite with Bangladeshis, while the Kolaghat variety is sweeter and softer. For the ultimate Hilsa happiness, be a part of these events below:

Event: Sonar Ilish at Sonartori Restaurant

Date: 16th Aug- 2nd Sep

Event: Too Much Bangali at Eden Garden Jetty

Date: 26th Aug

Laugh It Off with Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is a quintessential Desi Comedian who has garnered fame from fans all over the world because of his humorous take on modern India and his elegant style of delivering jokes. This brilliant Indian comedian is doing a stand-up special for Kolkata the coming week. So, brace yourself for a comedy class that will crack you up real hard!

Image source: Hot Friday talks

Event: Kaksha Gyarvi at Science City Auditorium

Date: 24th August, 6:30 P.M.

Reminisce Indo-British History in Victoria Memorial

Exploring the heritage sites of Kolkata is always a great way to spend the weekends. Especially for a tourist who wants to see Kolkata in an artistic light!

Hailed as the ‘Taj of the Raj’, Victoria Memorial Palace is one of the finest British architectural structures in India. This splendid museum was established in Calcutta, the capital of British India, between 1906 and 1921 to honor Queen Victoria. The architectural magnificence is reflected in every inch of this museum. This unique structure is principally Italian Renaissance in character, with traces of Orientalism. It blends aesthetics from four very different fields of art, namely architecture, painting, sculpture and gardening.

Image source: Travel triangle

Some of the highlights of this place are paintings by renowned European artists, the Quran hand-written by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, and Tipu Sultan’s personal war diary. An institution of national importance during the British Raj that has now been turned into a beautiful museum; it displays over 28,000 artifacts in its galleries. Each of these relics encapsulates a small portion of the complex history of India starting from 1650 A.D. and spanning over three centuries.

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