Winter in Kolkata: 3 Top Activities to Indulge in the True Spirit of Christmas

Winter in Kolkata: 3 Top Activities to Indulge in the True Spirit of Christmas

A slight nip in the air, the misty mornings, some extra consumption of piping hot cups of chai and fuzzy warm cuddles under the blanket – all this means Winter is Coming. And winter in Kolkata is SPECIAL. Though this erstwhile colonial capital city throbs with year-round fun activities, its winter when it comes to its full glory, grandeur and glitz.

Indulge in the following activities that take place during winter in Kolkata and add a zing to your holiday fever. So, let’s gear up guys!

Park Street Carnival

Park Street Carnival

Also widely known as Kolkata Christmas Fest, this epic carnival happens every year in the month of December at Park Street. The entire stretch of Park Street gets decked up with lights and adornments, resembling Christmas décor.

Finest musicians and bands are called upon to perform and add charm to the overall festive atmosphere. Beguiling food stalls roll out a vast array of culinary treats, from momos to thukpas to brownies to hot chocolates. Yumm!! Isn’t it?

Bow Barracks Open-air Street Party

 Want to dance away the night??? The Bow Barracks Festival gives you the scope! The Barracks host a bonanza-like festival lasting two or more days loaded with activities for every age-group – food, dance, sports – you name it, and you get to indulge in the fun and frolic of it!

Bow Barracks Open-air Street Party

They even organize an open party wherein city’s best singers and bands sing their heart out, while guests chill out and party hard. Party goes on till the wee hours of the morning, so sure you are interested, aren’t you?!

Go Shopping at New Market

 Agreed or not, New Market is the nucleus of festive frenzy. It’s one of the most enchanting places to be at during festivities in Kolkata winter. It can also be called a Christmas Wonderland. Wander around or stroll leisurely – New Market will drown you into a whirlpool of old Christmassy fun and fiesta – shop some cute Christmas décor items and pump up the celebration mood.

Note – When in New Market, don’t forget to buy Nahoum’s classic Christmas fruit cake. Though the quality may not be what it was years ago, grab a pound at least for the sake of old world charm and tradition. It never disappoints!

Besides, Kolkata in winter bustles with fairs, exhibitions, bake sales and carnivals. Amongst many, the Calcutta Club Bakery Carnival is one of the most captivating fairs where a number of schools and churches participate. Kolkata Book Fair is another event that has for years garnered a lot of accolades amidst the bookish communities.

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