#WinterIsComing: 4 Uniquely Enjoyable Winter Activities in Kolkata

#WinterIsComing: 4 Uniquely Enjoyable Winter Activities in Kolkata

After sailing through sweltering heat, sogginess and humidity, and unpredictable rain showers, finally the most enjoyable season in Kolkata, i.e., winter, is upon its dwellers. And with winter comes the pleasure of being able to roam around sweat-free! It’s a time when we actually like to soak up the sun! We can also eat delicious street food to our heart’s content, without having to worry about the heat messing with our stomach!

That being said, here are some activities that you can enjoy with not just your partner, but your whole family. So, hit the road, visit these places, enjoy the unique beauty and spend a happy and sunny winter day!

 Early Morning at Maidan

You have definitely admired pictures of a lone horse grazing in the vast green fields of Kolkata Maidan. This winter, pack your entire family and go behold this beautiful sight with your own eyes! What can be painful is that you need to get out of bed quite early, but what you see on reaching Maidan compensates well for lack of sleep. Find an area under a tree, buy a cup of steaming hot tea and then just sit and marvel at the vista, dotted with energetic players actively taking part in games of cricket and football.

Evening River Cruise

If you love boat rides, if you love the cool breeze of Ganges brushing your face, and if you look forward to taking in mesmerizing views of Kolkata, then you must opt for a slow cruise on river Hooghly, which takes you around the Kolkata riverfront in a couple of hours and also provide complimentary snacks to munch on while you immerse yourself in heart-warming conversations and the beautiful cityscape around.

Calcutta Food Trail

Did you eat authentic Chinese breakfast at Tiretti? Did you devour radhaballavi at Putiram? Did you have special Spanish Sunday brunch in Sudder Street or the Chinese at Chinatown? Did you taste the best Kolkata kebabs and biryani? No?? Come on guys! Winter is perfect time to hog on food like the world is ending tomorrow! And God has blessed Kolkata with some of the most unique eateries, which have been delighting foodies with delicious flavors since ancient times. A handy tip for foodies exploring the exotic food-scene in Kolkata is to start in North Kolkata and then gradually move towards southern fringes.

Visit a Circus

Nobody is too old to enjoy artists performing astonishing live tricks! Bring out the child in you this winter by visiting a good circus show with your whole family– there are quite a few interesting shows every winter season in Kolkata, including Russian and Spanish ones.

As you must have noticed while reading this article, most of the winter attractions mentioned here are located in Central Kolkata. So, for a comfortable visit to the city of joy look for budget hotels in Central Kolkata. That way you can explore all the interesting places in the city without difficulty; it will also cut down your travelling expenses.

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